#1 Independent Record Label Group

Daxsen Music Group

We are here to build a legacy of culture through the power of music. Independent artists can be legends too.

Daxsen Music Group was founded by the recognized entrepreneur and music producer David Xavier Sanchez (known as ”DAXSEN”) and it’s part of The Daxsen Corporation a business conglomerate within other industries as: software developement, real estate, business and political consulting, entertainment, media and communications.

Daxsen Music Group own and operate a broad array of businesses related mainly to recorded music but also music publishing, merchandising, audiovisual content ,patented creative strategies and ideas, music marketing , audio services and more.

Daxsen Music Group has an extended catalog of recordings and songs of decades of art which is one of the most diverse and culturally rich collection of music ever assembled.


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Daxsen Music Group is the leading independent record label group releasing some if the finest artists in the world